Robotics for the Benefit of All.

Social challenges are growing exponentially with climate change and food security issues, and they do so locally. To address them in a timely and efficient manner, local solutions supported by emerging technologies are needed.

At WeRobotics, we are building a network of local knowledge hubs - Flying Labs - across Africa, Asia, Latin America and Oceania to tackle social challenges locally with the help of autonomous systems such as drones and AI. To help our exponentially growing Flying Labs (from 3 to 18 Flying Labs since March 2018) become local experts and stay up to date on latest drone, data and AI solutions as well as best practices,  ethical guidelines and sustainable business development knowledge, scalable and easily accessible knowledge is needed.

Your donation allows us to build up an online training structure and create our first 4 online trainings on safe drone operating procedures, augmented data analysis, ethical guidelines and local business development, to be freely shared in over 20 countries and 5 continents.

Let’s create a future where local communities use Robotics for Social Good!


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